Samik Mukherjee: Career Overview

Samik Mukherjee

Welcome to, a website dedicated to the distinguished career of Samik Mukherjee, an expert in global Energy Projects & Operations, Executive Vice President of Tellurian Inc. and President of Driftwood Assets. During his thirty years in the business sector, Mr. Mukherjee has worked globally with industry leaders such as:

  • Tellurian Inc.
  • McDermott
  • Technip
  • Koch Process Technology Inc.
  • NOCIL India. (JV of Shell & Mafatlals)

Throughout his career in the Energy industry, Mukherjee has been recognized by colleagues for his work ethic, innovative projects execution, knowledge of process technology, driving operations management, business transformation skills, building global cross functional teams and leadership skills to drive international business operations with sustainable growth.

Samik is passionate about LNG, Hydrogen, chemical process technologies, blockchain, integrated digital project execution, modularization and energy transition. He is a Cricket enthusiast and loves playing racquet sports, traveling and discovering.


Samik Mukherjee often credits his diverse educational background to his successful career. Samik Mukherjee first received a strong technical foundation while earning his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur. This foundation in chemical engineering and hands-on operations experience in NOCIL would later help Mukherjee develop a number of groundbreaking process technology projects for TechnipFMC and McDermott International Inc. The work of Samik Mukherjee has helped to increase global business and operational performance.

After graduating from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mr. Mukherjee received his master’s degree in business administration from the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University in the Netherlands. During his time at the Rotterdam School of Management, Samik Mukherjee was introduced through professors to a variety of international business and leadership programs. Additionally, Mr. Mukherjee went on to complete the program on Aligning and Executing Strategy with Harvard Business School. These classes would change the course of Mr. Mukherjee’s career and begin his lifelong interest in impactful leadership development with critical insight in driving global teams to succeed in international business.

McDermott International

Mr. Mukherjee previously served as Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer for McDermott International. McDermott International is a worldwide energy services company whose subsidiaries provide a multitude of services including research, environmental system, and project management. Recently, McDermott International’s CB&I Storage Solutions business was awarded a study to research different liquid hydrogen storage expansion capabilities. This research is expected to greatly impact hydrogen capacity limits and help develop a more sustainably powered future. McDermott International is deeply committed to decarbonization and continues to be a leader of the global energy sector.

In this position, Samik Mukherjee’s primary responsibility included leading McDermott’s global operations and project delivery functions and managing the company’s product line and services. During his time at the company, Mukherjee and the McDermott team made the exciting announcement in the energy transition space that McDermott would be partnering with Schneider Electric and Io Consulting to research and design carbon-neutral facilities for the upstream oil and gas market. The facility, called Net Zero Upstream Facility, will study renewable microgrids, integration with hydrogen networks, energy storage, remote operations, emissions reduction, digital transformation of design and operations to seek new ways of making the companies’ operations more sustainable by reducing carbon footprints.

Tellurian Inc.

Most recently, Samik Mukherjee became the Executive Vice President and President, Driftwood Assets at Tellurian Inc. — a leading natural gas company headquartered in Houston, Texas — reporting to President and Chief Executive Officer Octávio Simões. In this role, Samik is responsible for all necessary functions related to the Driftwood Assets. This includes LNG production and export terminal, pipelines, regulatory, project execution, commissioning, construction, HSSE, operations, and engineering.

Throughout the course of his career, Samik Mukherjee has spoken at many industry and executive events on a wide variety of industry topics. However, discussing the topic of impactful leadership to succeed in international business with the next generation of business professionals has always been a priority for Mr. Mukherjee.

More from Samik Mukherjee

In the future, Samik Mukherjee hopes that this blog can serve not only as an industry resource for young professionals but also as a reference for best leadership practices. Mr. Mukherjee hopes to encourage those looking to improve their leadership skills to join his leadership settlement program. The Samik Mukherjee leadership settlement program will include helpful leadership tips and ask participants to commit to improving leadership skills through case studies. Readers with an interest in learning more about leadership topics, international business, the oil and gas industry, and sustainability in global operations are encouraged to return to this site for future entries. Mr. Mukherjee’s experience as global operations expert and Group Senior Vice President of Projects for McDermott International as well as his current position as EVP and President, Driftwood Assets at Tellurian Inc. have given him a unique perspective on various topics and made him an authority on both global business and leadership.

If you are interested in learning more about the career of Samik Mukherjee or various global operations, gas and energy, and leadership topics, return to for frequent updates.