How Integrated Digital Delivery Can Transform the EPC-Operator Relationship

Samik Mukherjee, Group Senior Vice President of projects at EPC giant McDermott believes strongly in the power of integrated digital delivery. Samik Mukherjee has been interviewed on the subject in several major publications where he discusses the way digital delivery can transform the EPC-Operator relationship. This blog will shed some light on his thoughts and explain why he is so passionate about digitalization.

The oil and gas industry is no different that other industries in that there are numerous benefits to shifting to digital practices. Digital delivery can allow the oil and gas industry to not only execute operations more effectively but more safely as well. Operators in the oil and gas industry have a very difficult job with very complex responsibilities. Recent risks as a result of the pandemic have only added on to traditional challenges like managing a global supply chain or managing global political risks. One of the most valuable assets to an operator is certainty. Digitalization and innovations in technology can help bring certainty, which makes them invaluable to Samik Mukherjee.

A lot of early work for operators is done in research to eventually make projections. Projections include the overall cost of a project as well as the schedule of the project. The ability to meet projected deadlines can save thousands upon thousands of dollars. Digital delivery has helped sharpen schedule forecasting. It is also allowed for all parties involved in an oil and gas industry project to enjoy full transparency. Being able to show data in real-time allows for a more collaborative approach. All necessary parties can get the full picture, so they can easily give their education opinions.

As technology has improved, software creators have been able to take the feedback of their customers and upgrade their platforms to meet the demands of the client base.

Finally, operators need to make sure that they are conducting their projects within the regulations of governments and environmental authorities. Efficiency is the name of the game. Digitalization is allowing transparency that tracks the eco friendliness of a project in real-time, which is truly invaluable in today’s climate.

Samik Mukherjee
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